Pink in the Fall

When you think of pink, you are automatically reminded of spring and summer. But when you take the color pink and make it a slightly darker rusty tone, it turns into the perfect color to wear for the fall. This dress is designed to look like a t-shirt dress, but the material makes it classy and chic. I love the simple elegance that this dress portrays. But I do have to point out how easily this dress gets wrinkled!

I paired it with my brown peep toe booties (I LOVE peep toe booties) and my cork purse that my dad got me from Portugal. Yes, that’s what I said…cork. Pretty interesting, right?

I wore this dress when I went shopping with my sister. We went to this town called Westfield in New Jersey where they have a lot of different stores, cute boutiques and cool restaurants. It is my favorite place to go when I want to make a quick shopping trip since it’s so close to where I live and they have a lot of different options.

With lots of love,


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