Happy 3 Years to Me and my Boo

Happy Anniversary

Today is the third anniversary of Carl and I. These three years have been so special and I’m so lucky to have him in my life. I thought it would be fun to share ten facts about me and my boo.

1. Carl and I met in June 2015 at work. We started a week apart from each other at a tech start-up company in New York City. I was working on the Accounting team and he was on the Business Intelligence team. We would work together because he coded all the accounting data reports I needed. We also played a lot of foosball together at work haha

2. Our nicknames for each other are Boo and Miga. When we started dating, he said he didn’t like cute nicknames. I called him Boo as a joke, but then it just stuck lol. My mom calls me Miga, which is an affectionate Portuguese word meaning “my girl.” Carl would make fun and call me Miga, but then that also just stuck. So it turns out we ended up having cute nicknames for each other after all.

Happy Anniversary

3. Carl and I have been going to the gym together for three years. A few years ago, I always had a goal of joining a gym and working out everyday. Carl got me motivated and taught me all about weights and how to use the gym machines. Like the saying goes, couples who work out together…! 🙂

4.Carl is the one who actually helped me start my blog. He even came up with the name “Everything Dee.” I remember looking through Instagram at other blogger’s photos and told him how I want to start a blog. He was like, “Deanna, I can just make you a blog.” He created my first website from scratch and then helped me switch everything over to WordPress. Carl is the best!

Happy Anniversary

5. We moved in together at the end of April in a cute studio in New York City.

6. Our favorite shows that we love to watch together are Game of Thrones, Handmaid’s Tale, Ozark, and Rick and Morty.

Happy Anniversary

7. Carl went to the University of Michigan and is a big Michigan football fan. (Go Blue!) I am now a Michigan fan myself and I finally understand the rules of football haha

8. Our go-to meal of choice is always Mexican. We can’t get enough of chips and salsa.

Happy Anniversary

9. Our first international trip was to Costa Rica, which was so much fun. Our next trip will be in Greece next spring. Eeeeee! So excited! He is also coming with me and my family to Portugal for the first time to meet more of my family.

10. Me and Carl always have so much fun together. He always makes me laugh and we can be so goofy. He is super supportive and I can always rely on him for anything I need. He truly is my best friend and the smartest and sweetest guy I know. I love him so much. Happy Anniversary Boo!

Happy Anniversary


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